Monday, January 28, 2002

And don't worry, Kat...I make it a policy to only correct spelling and grammatical errors, not to change content retroactively, so you can read everything in its original form - although I admit that I was in a rambling, intoxicated state, and therefore waxing a bit verbose and loquacious. Bear with, I've been getting seriously weird in journal form lately, but I'm curious to see where it ends up. And yes, I am aware that a public journal is an appalling act of ego, only marginally justified by the fact that I am a member of a fairly large online contigent of journal writers. (I basically don't really expect people who know me to check back on it very often, and as for strangers...that's what makes them strangers. If I don't want to know them, it's not all that easy for them to be in my presence, and I seriously doubt I am interesting enough to be stalked. I mean, really...sitting outside my house with binoculars, watching me sleep and eat bread because I'm too lazy to make something if only I will eat it.) It's partly just a place to slap up some links that I don't want to lose and keep a journal that I can't get exceedingly personal in because people might read it. Well, good...people might read any other journal, too, they just won't tell you about it and you can't catch them. :)


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