Wednesday, January 09, 2002

No fair, I drink coffee and it makes me tired. No fair at all. Oh well. How about some metalworking links to make it up? (Yes, I am aware that I am insanely interested in creating things by hand, or somewhat by hand. I refuse to delve into this area of my psyche any further for fear I might discover that I am Bob Vila or something. The mere thought is enough to set my kidneys to quivering in fear...) This one looked neat, also this one, more of the same. Metalworking is just an interesting concept, anyway. I took a course in lost-wax bronze castings a while back. It was kinda fun, although to tell you the truth, I have very little by way of inspiration when it comes to that. I mean, what on earth to make, when you have a completely unlimited set of possibilities before you? Maybe mixed media pieces, but that's about all I could see. Still, that's one small piece of the totality that is metalworking. Hell, take these swords, for example...I want one. I want one. I want one. ("Do you have a use for one?" "Shut up"...)


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