Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Now you know what I'm finding interesting? I've been looking at a lot of tracking sites. The entire concept is a kinda cool mix of ancient and modern ideas. There's Where's George, which is a site where you enter the serial numbers of dollar bills, and then write the website address on the bill. Whenever people go to the site and enter the serial number, it tracks where the bill has been. That's neat, kinda like the old message in a bottle type of thing, but with more of an instant gratification for us modern ingrates. They have links to some interesting sites as well, derivative ideas like Book Crossing, where the same thing is done with books that you leave at random in places. I had a friend that used to make tapes like that. He would make these really weird mixes of music, all kinds of things that didn't go together or were really obscure, make a case that looked kinda cool, and then "accidently" drop it in high-traffic public places. Kinda makes me think...I may have to find someone who knows a little bit more about copyright law than me and see about some things. After all, I never did this after I lost touch with Loyed because people ignore tapes, assuming that they don't work or have gotten crud-ified from exposure, which is usually true, but burned CDs in cases are a different story. I always pick up a CD if it looks playable, cause you never know. With the right concept, a website, and if you knew enough about copyright law to make sure you didn't break any of their obscure little laws written on the backs of unrelated bills, you might have an interesting, if not entirely original, idea. Sort of like trading mix tapes with the whims of chance. Anyway, there's also two (at least) people releasing disposable cameras with instruction tags attached, then publishing the photos on their website. That's kinda cool, too. Here is Phototag, which was inspired by Cameo. Apparently, this is an offshoot of another weblogger, albeit one who has much more experience (and higher quality) than I do at it. His main site is here. He also had a link to Metagrrrl, which I believe is the same one I used to read every day back when I first discovered weblogs and read them nonstop all the time. I remember this one too...


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