Thursday, November 08, 2001

I finally found a link to the website I've been looking for. A long time ago, (centuries in Internet years) I found this site. Now bear in mind that this site was state of the art back in 95-96 when it was made. It established my model for what a web page should be, or at least for what a personal web page should be. The fact that, even today, it is still a very detailed and intimate web page that is not too poorly put together compared to other personal pages is phenomenal. At the time it was amazing. Anyway, that's my personal opinion. It doesn't look like much but there's a lot to explore there, all of it original content about the person who made the site, rather than just being a bunch of links to other stuff. Pretty cool. It can be found here at the original location, or here at a later mirror. It's not as cool now as it was, but for those of you who remember the time period...


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