Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Okay, enough bitching. By the way, I'm always startled by how many of you actually read this thing. So I'm dieting again, it worked out well for me the last time(s), and I still need to lose some of the weight I gained while dating Mindy. It's been over a year, after all, and I wasn't at my goal yet to begin with.

I'm also thinking of getting contacts, I hear they've got these new-fangled ones that are better, and I've got vision insurance. Should be fun.

Working the night shift is pretty weird. If anything will ever break me of being a night person, this will do it, but I have my reasons and it's also great for school. A much needed payday is tomorrow, and boy am I glad. I get to go grocery shopping and do the whole South Beach diet thing, which should be interesting. I'm in favor of a low glycemic index diet, and I'm looking forward to stabilizing my blood sugar. Woohoo! Of course, money will still be in short supply, but that's an accepted fact for the next few months. *Sigh*


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