Friday, July 07, 2006

Weird day. Some friends of mine are breaking up, which is always sad. They seem to be handling it in a mature way, though, which is respectable. I really thought those two were going to do the whole marriage thing eventually, but I suppose not. I've neglected to reform the connection to the one friend that we once had, maybe in light of this it's time I did.

Looks like the house thing is going through, so I'll be shopping for duplexes pretty soon, that's cool.

Meds didn't work as well today, or it could be said that I had what is known as a "breakthrough depression". It wasn't too bad, really. The rain and Mortal City complemented my mood nicely, and it was gone within a few hours. I kind of enjoyed moping around the apartment for a little while, because I wasn't depressed about anything in particular, just a comfortable sort of melancholy. Plus, it was nice to have a break from stress. Nice thing about depression, it kind of kills the adrenaline chatter of stress for a while.

I've neglected to say anything about Thom and David because it's really between the two of them, but I have to say that tonight I saw a glimpse of why women get so frustrated with men. We suck sometimes.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream. Preferably of something besides vampires this time.


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