Saturday, April 29, 2006

A lot of self-analysis today. Well, a little, anyway. I was thinking about a lack of confidence I seem to have in regards to that whole love life thing. It's an odd thing. Perhaps I'm not as far along as I thought.


Anonymous mindy said...

I know it's unasked for, and looking over what I've typed, a misunderstanding and quite unwanted. But for my two cents, I think you either have a lot of figuring shit out to do before you're going to be completely comfortable in another relationship, or you need to just go for it. Quit overanalyzing and just do it, or go into full on analyzation mode and get it the fuck over with. Quit hesitating and let go. If you're blogging about it like this, you're making it too difficult.

I'm sorry not everything was peachy keen and that we didn't end things as well as we could have or wanted to and that we didn't fix things when we needed to to save the relationship, but this is life. Every relationship with each person is different, even if there's a similar negative outcome. Generally that means either a) you're going out with the wrong type of girl, or b) you're doing something that drives them away. If you can't figure out which it is, start fresh and try something new. Try a different kind of girl. Try treating her different. Try stepping up and getting over your stupid emo streak, be that big strong man that the cute voice knows and loves and admires and get out there and win one.

Sorry. I'm not in a mood to be nice about this kind of thing. I know I'm not in your head and we haven't really talked about it so I'm probably just spouting nonsense. And your friends can call me a bitch all they want, I know what you're like as a boyfriend and they don't.

You were a great boyfriend while you paid attention to what I needed. It's when you started begrudging my asking for action in return for supporting you that really got to me. Don't date any more fish. Try a cancer, they're awesome.

5/09/2006 7:58 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Youch! Emo? Please! "That makes me angry, which makes me sad..."

In any event, this post was really just me filling space, in a way. Just kind of keeping notes of my thoughts of late, not being mopey-why-don't-the-girls-want-the-sexx0rz, although I suppose it comes off that way. I appreciate the thought, though, seriously. As for relationship stuff, I'm not worried about it, that's not really what prompted the post. If I were going to worry about that I would have started a long time ago. My friends aren't calling you a bitch, you know...I've pointed this out a few times.

Anyways, I appreciate the thought, as I said, but you're right about the misunderstanding bit - that wasn't what I was talking about, really, or not exactly, anyway. Thank the cute voice for her support, and cancers? Eeek! They seem a bit whiney.

5/10/2006 11:57 AM  

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