Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Cutting and pasting from an interesting article on Slashdot:

Free open source software for musicians:

Ardour, Audacity, MusicTheory, "Redhat users should check out Planet CCRMA It's an apt archive for Redhat that provides everything you need for an audio workstation", freqtweak - "Nothing else can do what this does... Spectral delay comes close, but can't warp parts of the spectrum to others...", zynaddsubfx, linux-sound.org, Rosegarden, "Ardour is appealing for enthusiastic amateurs, because they can grasp the concept easier. But you need something like Rosegarden (MIDI sequencer) to do actual music.", Lilypond, noteedit, Mutpoia Project, The last one is a site with public domain music entered as lilypond score.

I want one of these.


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