Monday, July 28, 2003

I'm thinking of getting a second job. Not for the money exclusively, mind you - I'm not much of a money person, although like everyone I could always think of something else to do with more of it, but more because right now, I really hate my life. What can I say, some people self-mutilate or go on self-destructive binges (okay, I've done that before), I work. Generally at things of my own devising. I think it will help me regain my social skills, sadly lost by the wayside along with charm and the ability to string my experiences together in a form that didn't put listeners to sleep. (Or make them gossip behind my back about my long-windedness. I know who you are, even if I also know you haven't read this site since 1991. Pot, meet Kettle, Kettle meet Pot.)


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