Monday, July 01, 2002

So, despite spraining my ankle running through pastures in the middle of the night this weekend, I'm having an okay day today. Had a breakthrough and a breakdown this weekend, both related (after a fashion) to pharmaceuticals. On the breakthrough side, I have decided to get put back on Paxil. It has become obvious to me that while I am able to treat my depression more or less effectively with SAM-e, I am still suffering from an extremely mild obsessive compulsive personality, and a moderate form of social anxiety. It is crippling my ability to function in some areas of life, and beginning to interfere with job performance. This just won't do, so I decided to get back on Paxil. I felt almost immediately as if a great load was lifted from my shoulders. I look forward to it. The breakdown was after I foolishly decided that I would be able to sleep after consuming the mushrooms from said pasture. Big mistake. Did not sleep, just worried about job and bills stuff. Horrible.


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