Friday, May 10, 2002

"And the rain fell like love last night, it washed away the weight of the world."

I have instant mocha latte today. My mother brought me some old lamps yesterday, they need some serious attention. I'm not big on redoing lamps and things like that, but I like the type of light they provide, and I am very much not in favor of the cords on these things. They are old enough to frighten me. Old cords do fires start. While she was up, we went to Target, ("It's Tar-get, Dah-ling...") and I looked for the clock I wanted. They still have not gotten any more - those bastards! I want my clock. It looks like it belongs in a modern noir flick, on the wall of a subway station or an automat in some movie like Dark City, or City of the Lost Children. I tried finding it on the internet, but sadly, no such luck. I will simply have to redouble my efforts.


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