Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Ah. it's Ritalin, never mind. Yep...it's all over the TV. Lots of neat stuff here. My mother would like this site.

Quick quiz for you people: How do you pronounce Chelmsford, MA? How do you think others would pronounce it? At any time, would the phrase (spelled as it is pronounced) Clemsenford come to mind as appropriate? CLEMSEN-FORD? Has all literacy been lost in this godforsaken country? CAN WE NOT READ ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Apologies to the illiterate, whom I have for fairly obvious reasons not offended, likely, but still. If you can't read, that's fine, that's a serious condition in this country, and much more so in others, and you can do something about it nowadays although it is excruciatingly embarrassing to do so. But if out of sheer laziness, you take an ability that people died for in times past and is now not only free but mandatorily offered to each and every citizen of this country regardless of age, creed, or minority status, a gift some people desperately want but do not or can not have, and shit on it, because you know someone else will pick up the slack for you, I have no compassion.)


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